November 4, 2020

Techniques for Fear Free Pets

Fear Free Techniques include:

Gentle Control
Gentle control is how you can comfortably and safely position a pet to allow the administration of veterinary care or even everyday handling with minimal restraint. It is often the restraint that the animal finds frightening, not the actual procedure.

Touch Gradient
Using touch gradient means using hands-on contact with your pet using a gliding touch as your hands move to different parts of the pet’s body, from the least to the most invasive. This appears to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress by eliminating surprise and creating some degree of predictability for the pet. It also helps the person doing the exam constantly assess the animal’s comfort level.

Counter Conditioning
Counter conditioning is a process of desensitizing your pet to all sorts of fear factors – a carrier, sounds, movements, etc.

These techniques are used by Fear Free Certified Professionals to help your Pet live a better life.

Fear Free
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