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Services include:

Fear Free Pets

Taking the “pet” out of petrified. Ruth is Fear Free Certified to help your pet eliminate or relieve stress, fear and anxiety. For instance, if your animal stresses when traveling in the car, there are Fear Free methods to be used to calm your furry friend. Ruth is able to teach you methods that will help desensitize your pet to the things that cause them stress. Incidentally, the little dog hiding under the covers is Ruth’s own pet before she began working with her using Fear Free techniques.

Home Assessments for New Pets

Ruth will help you prepare your home for the arrival of a new pet. You will learn how to pet proof the house to keep your new friend safe. Ruth can help suggest appropriate and safe toys and bedding, provide nutrition suggestions, and discuss what leashes, harness, potty pads, litter boxes, and other items you might need. In addition, she’ll discuss all the vaccinations and spay/neuter your animal might need, as well as the timing for everything.

Pet Wellness Assessments

A preventive checkup from snout to tail that should be done every month by the pet owner to ensure the animal lives its healthiest, happiest life. Ruth will assess the health and well being of your beloved friend and teach you how to do the same. For instance, finding lumps or bumps on your pet is an important issue. Most owners aren’t aware that pet vaccinations can cause growths and even cancer – although there are cancer-free shots these days. Fear Free Certified Veterinarians use minimal doses to prevent future problems.

Pet Socialization

Ruth will work with you to make sure you pet is able to socialize well with people and with other pets. Ruth will teach you the when, where, why and how of Puppy and Kitten Socialization and the vaccines that are needed before hand for a happy, healthy pet socialization period. Ruth will also cover Puppy’s and Kitten’s first bath how to give and what is needed to reduce fear, stress, and anxiety making bath time a great experience for both pet owner and pet.

Pet Escort Services

Ruth provides pet escort to special events like weddings, birthdays and funerals, transporting the animal to and from the event and making sure your beloved friend behaves while there. In addition, Ruth will transport animals to the veterinarian, airport or to a second home.

About Ruth

Ruth has always owned one or more pets while growing up. Owning pets has continued into her adult life. Ruth taught her own children how to care for and love pets – birds, cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, turtles, and even farm animals. Recently, Ruth adopted a rescue dog, Sophie, who seemed fine for the first year after adoption, and then morphed into the most fearful pet ever – everything from noises to opening the door set her off. That’s what set Ruth on her search for Fear Free products and techniques.

Fear can be inherited from pet mother to babies causing them stress and anxiety. That fear needs to be controlled so the animal can live a happier life. Different experiences can traumatize an animal. For instance, Sophie’s mother was abandoned by her owners in the desert. Her fear and stress was passed on to her pups while she was pregnant. Now Sophie (and Ruth) are learning to trust and cope with her fear, anxiety and stress – thanks to Fear Free and their products and techniques.

That’s what led Ruth to become a certified Fear-Free professional and share her knowledge with people in similar circumstances.

Ruth’s Pet Care Qualifications:

Fear Free Certification – Level 2
6 years as a Pet/House Sitter
Insurance and Bonding – Pet Care Insurance
CPR/First Aid trained and certified
Fear Free Conferences 2019
Donate to Healing Hearts Animal Rescue, Cave Creek, and Foothills Animal Rescue
Coursework and numerous certifications with Fear Free Certified Veterinarians on pet health and wellness

Ruth Booth



One of our dogs had to be brought into the animal hospital because she was throwing up, not eating and not responding to us. They released her after 2 days but she would not eat. I boiled chicken for her but she would not eat it. We were sure we were losing her. I called Ruth to ask her what to do and she suggested I use bone broth. I had never heard of it but went out and bought some. I poured it over the chicken and for the first time my dog Halo started to eat. A cup of shredded chicken, which she would not eat before she ate it all when the bone broth was mixed in with it. We continued doing this twice a day for a week and a half and to our amazement, she got better. We started to pour in over our other two dogs food and found that they would now eat when their bowls were put down instead of ignoring their food. I now use bone broth every day to put on their food.


I hired Ruth to transport our dogs along with other items to our second home out of state. Ruth performs the task without problems and in a timely manner delivering our most precious pups to us. Ruth goes that extra mile to deliver, and care for what we need. I have had her transport our dogs for several years and care for them. I won't use anyone else to take on this task but Ruth.

C. Thompson - Paradise Valley AZ.

We planned a trip out of town after meeting with Ruth. We needed work to be done on our home while we where away on our trip. We felt that Ruth was very capable of taking on the job of overseeing the contractors as the work was completed on our home. When we returned we found the job completed and everything in working order. Happy to say we will be using Ruth and her Company again in the future.

Rick & Judith - Carefree AZ

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